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The benefits of swimming

Swimming is a sport is useful in almost all body systems. Swimming helps to relax and improves overall body tone.


In water the effectivenes of exercise not les than on a hard surface. The advantage is that the load in the water during workouts is not as noticeable as on land (Pro features water aerobics HERE ). In addition, in the water you can work on a certain muscle group more carefully, not afraid to get injured. Swimming helps to fight against exces weight and strengthens the cardiovascular system and has a General positive effect on the human body.

While swimming in the pool you will need a bathing suit, towel, soap, flip flops. Still can take a hair dryer, although there is usually stationary.

The benefits of swimming in the pool

First, the benefits of swimming in the pool is manifested in burning fat and calories. Half an hour a day spent in the pool will increase metabolism and contribute to rapid weight los.

Secondly, the benefits of swimming in the pool will be manifested in the formation of the figure, as during the voyage involving major muscle groups (arms, legs, chest muscles, back, shoulders). The effect of training in the pool more than on land because water resistance and more muscles are doing more intensive work.

Swimming also increases endurance and prevents the development of cardiovascular disease. While swimming the body is better oxygenated and improves the function of the respiratory system. Swimming gives a boost of energy for the entire body. It relieves stres and calms the nerves. Swimming lesons are available at any age from the youngest to the elderly. Swimming lesons slow down the aging proces.

When swimming leson is mising the side effect is pain in the knee joints so characteristic when Jogging. In addition, swimming is a pleasure. People regularly attending the pool, get a positive attitude, good mood and a slender figure.



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