Treadmills for home buy a treadmill in Moscow inexpensive! Online store ZONA
Treadmills Popular manufacturers: Treadmills for home – it is an effective tool to keep the body in a constant tone. In our online shop you can buy treadmills of different…

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The Flying Dutchman. Elite fitnes club in the heart of the city. Weights, cardiovascular equipment, group
How to get there: from Sportivnaya metro station 10 minutes walk Opening hours: weekdays - 08:00 - 23:00, weekends 09:00 - 22:00 Fitnes club on Board the ship the flying…

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The benefits of swimming.
Swimming refreshes and invigorates the person, raises the efficiency. Rhythmic movements while sailing combined with rhythmic breathing positively act on the Central nervous system. On the Bank of the person…

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Use plavanie


Swimming — one of the most popular and accesible sports and undoubtedly bring huge health benefits. Many people do it year-round great sport. summer — in the river, in the sea, and in the cold season — the pool.

Where better to swim — this is a controversial isue. In natural waters, of course, have to overcome the force of the waves and the wind, and. so, the muscles are trained better. Yes, and sea water has a beneficial effect on the human body. However, swimming in open water carries some risk. Pools, more secure, usually the clases are conducted

under the supervision of an instructor who can also suggest how to correctly perform a particular movement or exercise or even teach me how to swim, if the person does not know how. Because swimming is a vital skill.

The benefits of swimming is no doubt, none. It’s a great workout for the cardiovascular system, increase lung capacity.

Clases in this sport have a positive effect on the hardening of the body, its adaptation to diverse environmental conditions. Improves overall tone the body, strengthens the nervous system. increases endurance, raises spirits.

During clases alternate tension and relaxation of muscles, reduces the load on the spine. Swimming promotes flexibility of the body and is a simple and secure method of forming an athletic figure.

This sport is relevant for those wishing to lose weight. Because calories are burned in 2-4 times faster than during exercising in the gym.

In addition to the actual swimming is a very popular variety of water exercises: water aerobics, walking, stretching. All these exercises are aimed at training of individual muscle groups. Clases are held in groups under the guidance of instructors and bring great pleasure to the student.

A huge plus navigation — it’s the absence of contraindications. So, swim for health! Let it strengthen your immune system and will bring a lot of positive emotions!


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