Neskuchny ideas for fitnesa
French stylist David Mallett, working with keira Knightley, Penelope Cruz, demi Moore and other celebrities, shared with the Director of the division of beauty Yulia Kudryavtseva tips that will allow…

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How to do fitnes in the workplace
Offer you to do fitnes on the job, using invisible and fairly simple exercise. What are these exercises? 1. The warm-up. For her suit walk to another room (better if…

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The benefits of swimming in Basani
Swimming is one of the most effective ways to maintain health. Many experts believe that the exercises performed in water are much more effective than the same exercises performed on…

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What to run in the winter

Winter should not interfere with sports, you only need to choose the right clothes and shoes, and then any activity will be a joy.

Properly selected clothing protects him from the cold, and does not allow to overheat. Typically, athletes dresed by the method of “cabbage”, i.e. in the layers. Therefore, for winter sports will need the following clothing:

• Normal or warm titsy;

• T-shirt with long sleeves;

• Jacket fleece;

• Windbreaker;

• Thermal underwear for the case of severe frosts.

Just need to remember what should be and not cold and not hot. Over time, it will be clear what the temperature is comfortable.

When purchasing jackets, need to find out about all the properties of clothing, because many of them are very useful to humans. Can be useful for sports.

During the winter sesions do not need to leave any body parts exposed. Don’t forget gloves and a hat that may be not sporty. Be sure to bring a scarf, as it protects neck from wind.

As the winter often playing sports can take place in the dark, we need to remember about basic safety. Need to bring a thing to be noticeable among the pasers-by and drivers.

For winter running, you should choose the right shoes that will be warm and not slippery. Typically, it has a thick sole that ensures safety on winter roads.

Therefore, the athlete, before you start clases, you must first select all matching elements to the sport is a joy.

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