The benefits of swimming
Swimming is a sport is useful in almost all body systems. Swimming helps to relax and improves overall body tone. Swimming In water the effectivenes of exercise not les than…

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The concept of physical activity - May 5, 2011 - Blog - Exam in Physical education
Physical activity is physical activity of man, which is accompanied by increased relative to the rest condition, the level of functioning of the organism. Distinguish between external and internal load-side:…

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The relationship between volume and intensity treadmill workout
For anybody not a secret that the volume and intensity of running, to some extent, opposing components of the leson. At higher volume there is an inevitable reduction in the…

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Exercise bike ProForm Tour De France spin bike cycle Kumite-Sports – online store the most


Exercise bike ProForm Tour De France spin bike indoor Cycling

Flywheel: 22 kg

Load: magnetic SMR™ 24 transmision with digital control

Program: 9 built-in programs + 5 programs for track Cycling, 10 routes Google Maps ™ with the Tour de France 2011


Display: LCD-color display with 3.5″

Additional features

Free club membership iFit for one year, provides the opportunity to create their own bike routes anywhere in the world using maps Google Map™

Measurement of power in watts


24 transmision with digital control

The console displays the load in watts, speed, time, rpm, heart rate, angle of ascent / descent, distance and calories burned

10 routes Google Maps ™ with the Tour de France 2011 9 built-in programs + 5 programs for track Cycling.

Compatible with wireles chest sensor Polar ®(optional)

A freewheel mechanism allows you to more accurately simulate riding on a road bike.

Bilateral pedal. With one hand without clip, with another

– ability to set tulips (stirrups) (optional).

Audio Jack for iPod®, built-in speakers

Several areas of adjustment wheel

Three-way seat adjustment: up-down, forward-backward and tilt. Standard mount allows you to use other saddles.

Maximum user weight: 159 kg

Trainer size: 147 x 63 x 149 cm

Simulation of driving on the street on the official training bike of the Tour De France.

Train, without leaving home.


Use plavanie
  Swimming — one of the most popular and accesible sports and undoubtedly bring huge health benefits. Many people do it year-round great sport. summer — in the river, in…


World of Glamor - the Benefits of swimming for your child
As everyone knows, children should be nurtured, developed and help them to withstand seasonal colds. The immune system is a complex and individual, so that some children get sick often…